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Injury update

Updated: Apr 8

It has been a while since I have posted.

Back around the time of my last post in August, I started experiencing some chronic injuries.

I developed a pretty nasty case of tendinitis in my right wrist and elbow, as well as a shoulder strain in my left shoulder. I also hurt my back moving a heavy piece of awkward equipment at work.

I wanted to work through it before I wrote about it.

I am not going to talk about something that I have no direct experience on so I waited until I had found a solution.

Being that my body doesn't heal like it used to, it has taken me quite a bit of trial and error to work through it.

I will also say this:

I have been training the whole time.

I took one week off from strength training to where I was only walking, but other than that, I have been strength training ,and finding new ways to work around my injuries.

" A body in motion stays in motion." I still feel that consistent daily training is still the key to my long term progress, even if at times I have to train at reduced intensity.

I have been working kettlebells more into my routine, and moving away from the heavy volume of pushups and pull ups.

I will start again to make regular updates as I work through the kinks.

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